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Monday, November 14, 2011

Small Cell Networks for Mobile Network Offload

The wireless data industry is experiencing a tremendous amount of growth driven by the following key market influences:

• Smartphones and tablets with cellular/Wi-Fi connectivity
• Extensive application ecosystems for smart mobile devices
• The surge of video enabled internet applications
• HD video moving into the mainstream
• The emerging “always on” broadband wireless user culture

Mobile service providers continue to offer increasingly innovative and cost competitive wireless data services to capture the demanding smartphone and tablet user markets. The increasing popularity of video enabled applications like Netflix, Apple FaceTime, and Facebook’s Video Chat (Skype), plus streaming and downloading of music/video content will continue to drive users’ desire for lower cost wireless data consumption. One Gbyte of broadband data usage averages $10 in North America and Europe, with continued downward price pressure. Mobile service providers must look to alternate wireless broadband solutions to maintain competitive and profitable mobile broadband service offerings. Carrier Wi-Fi solutions offer broadband data services at a small fraction of the cost of 3G/ LTE macro solutions, enabling a new low cost dimension of mobile broadband data services.

Apple, Android and RIM have created significant application ecosystems to drive smartphone and tablet sales, which in turn drives more wireless data usage. The iPhone has created a huge surge in wireless data traffic since its introduction. The next significant surge in data traffic will result from the introduction of tablets and new smartphones by numerous suppliers. Smartphones data usage are now at par with laptop usage just 2-3 years ago. READ THIS WHITEPAPER FOR FURTHER INSIGHTS

Small Cell Networks for Mobile Network Offload

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