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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Opportunity and impact of video on LTE Networks

 The world is becoming increasingly mobile, which is driving the demand for easier access to content and services from any location, with any device, at any time. The explosion of video and multimedia content that is available on the wired web has driven users to desire equivalent on-demand access to that content from a mobile device. Second and third generation public wireless technologies (2G & 3G) have not been able to support this need economically across a wide geographic area or with an acceptable user-experience. On the other hand, the new fourth generation (4G) wireless technologies such as Long Term Evolution (LTE) offer sufficient performance to support IP based streaming video and multimedia services to a large number of consumers simultaneously, with a quality that most will find attractive. 

LTE technol­ogy allows for significantly higher capacity at a lower cost per bit, leading to improved commercial viability of video services.  The Internet and wireline world is enabling a rapid convergence of IP video, audio, and data into completely new applications, while broadband wireless networks promise to provide access to these anytime, anywhere. Motorola is helping to bring these worlds together by providing a suite of solutions that leverage our leadership in video for wireline networks, coupled with our leadership in wireless broadband networks. READ THE WHITEPAPER BELOW FOR FURTHER INSIGHTS

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