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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spectrum Analysis for Future LTE Deployments

LTE (Long Term Evolution) promises to deliver an unrivalled user experience with ultra fast broadband and very low latency and at the same time, a very compelling business proposition for operators with flexible spectrum bandwidth, smooth migration and the ability to deliver low cost per bit voice and data services. With LTE’s ability to interconnect with other access technologies, operators will be able to converge their LTE and Fixed line broadband networks, creating the opportunity to deliver subscribers truly seamless communications. Radio frequency is a valuable and finite resource and, today, there is simply not enough to satisfy demand. 

The need for spectrum is being driven by the pervasive convenience of mobile communications and the need for increased penetration combined with improved performance and the falling costs of wireless devices & services. Existing and new Mobile Broadband networks will quickly consume current spectrum allocations as they deliver a highly compelling user experience by allowing multimedia applications anywhere. 

In the near future, operators will be presented with, and challenged by, new and exciting opportunities to deploy LTE based mobile broadband services – but, as with any new network technology, comes the question of spectrum. This paper provides an overview of the spectrum trends relating to LTE, highlighting the issues and opportunities that potentially lie ahead. Read the Whitepaper Further.


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