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Friday, March 9, 2012

Coverage Prediction for Heterogeneous Networks: From Macrocells to Femtocells

Wide-range wireless communications have always suffered from the difficulty to predict efficiently the quality of each radio link of a large network in very heterogeneous environments. Planning and optimization tools are developed from decades to help operators on deploying wireless networks with the better tradeoff between quality and cost, and also sometimes including fairness. With the increasing demand for high throughput combined with mobility, a high densification of the network is required. One important way of increasing this density is based on Femtocells (with 3G or 4G capability). 

But this uncontrolled deployment of home-based stations comes with hard optimization problems: what will be the interference between the existing network (macrocell) and the new femtocells? What will be the interference between different femtocells in the same area? Could we use collaboration between femtocells to enhance the global efficiency? In this talk we will first present in details different models to predict the radio link quality: empiricals, deterministics, statisticals or hybrids. 
Then particular problems like outdoor to indoor or indoor to outdoor propagation will be addressed. Furthermore, extraction of wideband statistics required to evaluate OFDMA performance and interference between cells will be discussed. Watch this video for greater Insights Into coverage prediction for heterogeneous networks.

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