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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Best That LTE Can Be Why LTE Needs Femtocells

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LTE is being standardized by 3GPP to provide multi-megabit bandwidth, more efficient use of the radio network, latency reduction, improved mobility, and potentially lower cost per bit. LTE femtocells, also known as Home eNodeB (HeNB) in 3GPP, form part of the LTE standard. Already deployed in 3G networks, femtocells are low-power access points that operate in licensed spectrum and provide mobile coverage and capacity over internet-grade backhaul. Femtocells can strengthen deployments in residential, enterprise, indoor hotspot, and outdoor hotspot environments. This Femto Forum white paper discusses how femtocells may be used to realize the full potential of LTE, provide a better LTE experience for users including higher bit rates, support new services, offer alternative rollout models, and provide an improvement to the mobile broadband business case by lowering network costs while increasing network capacity. 

Numerous mobile operators have publicly stated that femtocells are expected to play a role in LTE, just as 3G femtocells are making an effective contribution to 3G networks today. This paper outlines the case for deploying femtocells1 in an LTE environment.

                                                                The Best That LTE Can Be Why LTE Needs Femtocells

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