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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

LTE-Top 12 Challenges

Without a doubt, mobile broadband is today’s growth engine for the telecom industry. The emerging picture is clear: consumers want mobile broadband, and they want it now. This is indeed phenomenal growth so far, but let’s put this in perspective of what is still to come: according to industry organization GSMA, there are ~4.3B wireless users in the world, of which 80 percent are voice-only GSM users, while only 9 percent are 3G WCDMA and HSPA users (i.e., voice + data users). Thus the growth opportunity for mobile broadband (data) is at least 3B subscribers—and there’s a good chance that many, if not most, of them can be captured in the next 5-10 years.
To keep up with this surging demand, networks operators around the world are looking to roll out 4G networks and Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the global front runner. Yet as the excitement for LTE begins to build, scratching beneath the surface reveals many nontrivial challenges that still need to be overcome for successful network deployment—and more importantly, for broad consumer adoption. In this paper the top 12 challenges that need to be addressed for LTE success are explored. READ FURTHER


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