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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Business Value of Mobile Data Offload

Mobile broadband traffic has grown dramatically in the past few years. The chief reasons for this are the increasing use of smartphones, the availability of flat-rate voice and data bundles, and higher demand for entertainment services like YouTube, Apple’s iTunes and services such video streaming from Television Networks. This increase in data traffic is forecast to accelerate, placing greater pressure on network capacity. At the same time, there is also greater competition for subscribers, with a corresponding downward pressure on revenue per subscriber. This means mobile network operators need solutions that help them reduce network congestion while also helping them reduce costs and retain customers.

A variety of point solutions can be applied to improve aspects of network performance. These include traffic management, backhaul and infrastructure upgrades. However, Network Operators realise that such options provide shorter-term relief and only apply as long as the user stays inside the operator’s network. They would like a comprehensive solution that addresses user behaviour in the real-world,i.e. that supports roaming from one network type to another, and allows users to receive and enjoy quality services from their Operator regardless of their location and choice of network access.

This is where mobile data offload offers a solution with real business value. While all options should be considered, Data offload should be a priority because of the promise it holds for rapidly delivering reduced congestion and significant cost reduction for operators while also improving the operator’s reach to its customers.

This whitepaper;

Discuss the background to the rising demand for mobile bandwidth and look at some of the approaches being used to address the congestion problem.

Focus on Data Offload, explaining why it should be a key element in any operator’s longerterm plans.

Show how Network Operators who provide a seamless mobile Wi-Fi offload experience for their consumers will create a substantial opportunity to save costs by diverting low value, high volume data traffic to an alternative access network and by creating a powerful, mass market engine that differentiates their offers and drives top-line growth.


The Business Value of Mobile Data

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