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Thursday, June 23, 2011

3G LTE Wifi Offload Framework- A Qualcomm illustration

With an increasing number of mobile devices featuring Wi-Fi capabilities and Wi-Fi access becoming more widely available in homes, enterprises and retail locations, Wi-Fi offload is emerging as an attractive option for network operators. For operators to successfully leverage a Wi-Fi offload solution, three essential components must exist within the solution:

A mechanism to provide operator’s policy for unplanned networks to the device in a dynamic fashion. Algorithms in the device to detect characteristics of unplanned Wi-Fi networks and determine the best possible use of available networks. A Mechanism to allow seamless handovers between 3G/LTE and Wi-Fi. Together, these three components make up the framework for Connectivity Engine (CnE) developed by Qualcomm.

For details go to this link --> A 3G/LTE Wi-Fi Offload Framework

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