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Friday, May 13, 2016

Issues that must be addressed to realize the 5G architecture vision

Issues to be addressed:

  • How legacy networks will interface and interoperate with the new network architecture 
  • Determining the optimal physical realization of the network cloud to meet performance and cost targets. Whereas centralization of resources could result in savings from pooling, it could also lead to performance bottlenecks, higher latency, and single points of failure.
  • Seamless mobility provisioning among different types of deployed local and wide-area technologies with potentially different functionalities also has to be addressed to improve the overall QoE for end users.
  • Mechanisms to support simultaneous sessions and seamless session mobility across different access networks will also be required to support consistent QoE for end users.
  • Furthermore, different types of edge networks will also need to be integrated within the 5G network architecture. For instance, the communication needs of cognitive mobile objects (robots2X, drones2X, etc.) will all need to be efficiently supported and integrated in 5G networks. 
  • New paradigms of identity management and charging will need to be developed for 5G, in particular, to cope with the huge number of devices expected to be connected to the network, the diverse use cases, and different edge network topologies

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