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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Understanding User Behavior in Online Social Networks: A Survey

Currently, online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Foursquare have become extremely popular all over the world and play a significant role in people’s daily lives. People access OSNs using both traditional desktop PCs and new emerging mobile devices. With more than one billion users worldwide, OSNs are a new venue of innovation with many challenging research problems.

In this survey, a comprehensive review of state-of-the-art research related to user behavior in OSNs from several perspectives is given. First, a discussion of social connectivity and interaction among users. Also, investigation of traffic activity from a network perspective is provided.

Moreover, as mobile devices become a commodity, we pay attention to the characteristics of social behaviors in mobile environments. Last but not least, we review malicious behaviors of OSN users, and discuss several solutions to detect misbehaving users. The survey serves the important roles of both providing a systematic exploration of existing research highlights and triggering various potentially significant research in these topics. READ FURTHER THE ATTACHED PRESENTATION FROM IEEE.

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