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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mobile Video Chat: Issues and Challenges

Video chat, also referred to as video telephony or video calls, is the new data hog in current cellular networks. A simple phone call pales in comparison to a face-to-face video chat. Recently, group interactive video chat applications have also emerged. In group video chat, multiple users can see and chat with each other on a single screen at the same time.

The next generation of cellular communication needs to endure a higher demand for enhanced real-time multimedia support to end users. Among interactive video applications, use of mobile video chat is on the rise in both the enterprise and consumer worlds. Mobile video chats are resource-constrained and heterogenous with varying display sizes, processing powers, network conditions, and battery levels, and pose real-time delivery constraints unlike traditional video streaming applications.

With the demand for anywhere any time connectivity for video chat, it becomes quintessential to develop techniques that adapt to the underlying network, optimize the device architectures, and provide the best possible video chat experience to end users. In this article, identification of main limitations and challenges in mobile video chat is provided. Further discussion of possible solutions and proposed research directions to making video chat a good experience are provided.

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