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Monday, April 8, 2013

Myths and Challenges in Future Wireless Access

The commercial success of mobile and wireless access to the Internet has been monumental. Initially thought of as a way to sell excess capacity of third generation (3G) networks or provide some simple “value added services,” it has, together with the proliferation of smartphones, created an explosion of traffic volumes (often referred as the “Data Tsunami”).

This trend is already threatening to overrun many networks. The heavy investments in new technologies — fourth generation (4G), Long Term Evolution (LTE) — will not provide immediate relief, since the terminal market is still dominated by 3G devices. More seriously, the first deployments of LTE systems do not exhibit radically higher spectral efficiency (bits per second per Hertz) compared to existing high-speed versions of 3G. At the same time, customer-installed nonmobile networks such as Wi-Fi networks are similarly becoming congested due to increased interference and demand. Eventually, LTE will buy the operators some time, but what can be expected in the medium- to long-term future? Get the answers from the presentation below..................................

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