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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

LTE-Advanced: An Operator Perspective

LTE-Advanced extends the capabilities originally developed in LTE within the 3GPP. Carrier aggregationis the most significant, albeit complex, improvement provided by LTE-Advanced. Bandwidths from various portions of the spectrum are logically concatenated resulting in a virtual block of a much larger band, enabling increased data throughput. Additionally, enhancements to MIMO antenna techniques in the uplink and downlink further increase the data throughput. Cell coverage is improved by means of relay nodes, which connect to donor eNode-Bs. To cope with the many varieties of cell types and sizes (macro, pico, femto), intercell interference control is enhanced to handle these heterogeneous networks. Operators hope to leverage LTE-Advanced to offer their mobile wireless customers a vastly superior user experience.GET FURTHER INSIGHTS FROM THE PAPER BELOW

LTE-Advanced: An Operator Perspective

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