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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reducing Network Congestion: Top 5 Policy-based Strategies

Globally, network data usage, for both wireless and wireline networks, continues to grow very strongly. Moreover, there are no signs of that growth ending, as smartphone and tablet devices move into the mainstream market, consumers adopt cloud-based Over-the-Top (OTT) services, and machine-to-machine deployments become more widespread. A side effect of this growth is that the operators have to add capacity at unprecedented levels of investment, and the performance of networks has become harder to predict.

Left unmanaged, small numbers of heavy users, the growing popularity of bandwidth-intensive traffic, such as streaming video, and cell-specific constraints can result in all available resources being consumed thus negatively impacting the customer experience. To keep up with demand, operators cannot afford to address the issue by blindly throwing capacity at the problem, as the cost of adding capacity does not always equate to new revenue.

While the strong data traffic growth curve initially caught many network departments unaware, the lessons have been learned. Openet, through its various Policy and Charging Control (PCC) implementations, has observed that there are positive signs that operators are bringing the traffic growth curve under control. Operators, through a series of incremental improvements, are balancing the need for investment for reliable connectivity with network cost control. GET FURTHER INSIGHTS FROM THIS WHITE PAPER

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