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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How Convergence Addresses Businesses’ Top Six Networking Challenges

Enterprises today are faced with significant challenges in delivery of real-time applications, such as video, that increasingly demand more and higher quality bandwidth. To complicate matters, virtualization changes everything. For the first time, even with a new generation of switching, it is no longer possible to add enough raw bandwidth to solve this problem.

What is needed is a simplified, resilient, and secure network that provides business agility and streamlines IT operations. The answer is a converged network infrastructure that is application fluent. An application fluent network dynamically adjusts for voice, data, and video applications while streamlining the number of required platforms and delivering simplified management. This is convergence without complexity.

The result is increased simplicity and reduced cost,, with the flexibility and performance needed to support critical business needs like collaboration, video conferencing, mobile workers, and more.

In this way, an application fluent network can address the six major challenges businesses face with their current network infrastructures: agility, quality of service, cost, staffing, security, and return on investment (ROI). GET FURTHER INSIGHTS FROM THIS WHITE PAPER:

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