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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a step towards future telephony: Voice and video calling over LTE

 Mobile broadband has created a world of opportunities and opened up new revenue streams for operators. Opportunities are often coupled with challenges, and mobile broadband tests the position of communication services, such as voice, which today accounts for around 70 percent of operators’ annual revenue – about USD 650 billion – globally. The crucial question is how to take advantage of mobile broadband opportunities while at the same time maintaining and increasing revenue from communication services.

LTE networks can deliver mobile broadband and communication services with greater capacity and lower latency. However, as there is no circuit-switched voice domain in LTE, the mobile industry will adopt a globally interoperable IP-based voice, video-calling and messaging solution for LTE, which also enables development of new innovative multimedia services.

Some over-the-top (OTT) solutions, such as Skype and FaceTime, often come preinstalled on smartphones, and as these devices become much more widespread, the adoption of OTT solutions for video-calling services will also increase. These solutions are familiar to subscribers and have – until now – driven user expectations and shaped the market. However, a fully satisfactory user experience cannot be provided by OTT solutions, as there are no QoS measures in place, no handover mechanism to the circuit-switched network, no widespread interoperability of services between different OTT services and devices, and no guaranteed emergency support or security measures. Consequently, the adoption of OTT clients is directly dependent on mobile broadband coverage and the willingness of subscribers to use a service that lacks quality, security and flexibility.  With the industry aligned telecom solution, operators can now start commercial deployments of a telecom-grade, globally interoperable voice and video calling solution over LTE – even before LTE is fully deployed.
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