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Monday, December 19, 2011

LTE Networks: Evolution and Technology Overview

The long-term evolutionary access technology called LTE (Long Term Evolution) is quickly becoming the network technology of choice for 4G deployments around the world. As user demand for mobile broadband services continues to rise, LTE and its ability to cost-effectively provide very fast, highly responsive mobile data services appears to be the right technology at the right time. By 2014, Juniper Research predicts revenues from LTE mobile broadband subscribers will exceed $70 billion globally, with 300 million worldwide subscribers by 2015. 

As of August 2010, according to the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), there are 101 firm LTE network deployments planned or in progress in 41 countries around the world. 

By the end of 2010, GSA anticipates around 22 LTE networks in commercial service. In addition to these statistics, another 31 operators are currently engaged in various LTE pilot trials and technology tests, which when added to the above translates to 132 operators in 56 countries now investing in LTE. FOR FURTHER INSIGHT READ WHITEPAPER:

LTE Networks:Evolution and Technology Overview

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