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Friday, December 30, 2011

Driving mobile forward with LTE in the 1800MHz band

There is increasing global momentum behind LTE, with operators worldwide moving towards deployment. In some cases they are already rolling out commercial services. However, there are many countries in which operators have yet to introduce LTE. Even in countries where there is widespread adoption of WCDMA, HSPA and HSPA+ services, and where mobile data networks are groaning under the volume of data that smart phones and tablet computers are pulling from and pushing to the network, many operators have yet to make the step. 

They will have to take that step at some point in order to remain competitive, and in order to take advantage of the technological improvements that LTE can provide. If they don’t, they will run short of capacity, consumer experience will degrade and customers will move elsewhere. What’s more, whilst the revenue per bit derived from delivering data services is much lower than the revenue per bit that can be earned from delivering voice, in the most advanced mobile markets it is the provision of data services (including the provision of content and applications) that is driving revenue growth. Ensuring its ability to keep driving the data services market forward has to be a priority in any mobile operator’s business plan. READ THIS GSA PRESENTATION FOR FURTHER INSIGHTS:

Embracing the 1800MHz opportunity: Driving mobile forward with LTE in the 1800MHz band

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