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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Voice over LTE via GAN

The roots of 'Voice over LTE via GAN' (VoLGA) are the 3GPP Generic Access Network (GAN) specifications which add Wi-Fi as an access technology to 3GPP based networks such as GSM and UMTS. GAN requires dual mode mobile devices which have both a GSM/UMTS radio interface and a Wi-Fi radio interface. Such mobile devices are available today from a number of manufacturers including Samsung, Nokia, Sagem, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson and RIM (Blackberry)5. When these dual-mode devices detect the availability of a suitable Wi-Fi network, e.g. at home or a public hotspot, they connect to the Wi-Fi access point and register with the GSM/UMTS core network over the Wi-Fi link and the Internet. A GAN gateway securely connects a subscriber to the infrastructure of a network operator and voice calls and other circuit switched services such as SMS are then securely transported between the mobile device and the Gateway over the intermediate Wi-Fi link and Internet access network. 

Voice over LTE via GAN

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