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Friday, September 9, 2011

Quality of Service Solutions in HSPA RAN

HSPA networks today see a tremendous growth in the amount of data traffic and this growth is expected to continue. One powerful solution that can efficiently deal with this increase in traffic volumes is by creating differentiation in the High Speed Packet Access RAN. Different applications and users have different Quality of Service requirements in terms of guaranteed bit rates, delays, etc. This paper describes the Nokia Siemens Networks' Quality of Service (QoS) solution in HSPA RAN, which uses differentiation, based on 3GPP standards. The solution can work without QoS awareness in the User Equipment (UE) and offers the possibility to support the user and/or service differentiation.

The unique solution is fully geared and self optimizing such that the operator only has to specify the policy, i.e. what priorities, guaranteed bit rates and delays are required for different services and users. The operator can effectively control minimum and maximum service level and relative priority of users and services – even separately for up- and downlink. Radio resource management (RRM) algorithms in the RNC and Node B will then enforce the desired policy.

This white paper concentrates on the RAN HSPA solution, read on;

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