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Friday, August 12, 2011

Subscriber Optimized Charging for 4G Services

With 4G in commercial operation and over 100 operators lining up to launch 4G networks in the near future, there is a question of what impact will subscriber demand for faster bandwidth and the emergence of new business models have on operators and their existing B/OSS (business / operational support systems). The main benefits that 4G offers to operators is the ability to provide high-bandwidth, rich multi-media services and applications to their subscribers.

4G will also provide a dramatic decrease in transmission cost per megabit, but the flip side of this is that 4G subscribers will typically use more data than 3G subscribers, as they use more data hungry services such as video, across an increasing number of devices. 4G bandwidth still needs to be monetized with subscribers paying for what they use, how they use it and the context in which it is used. The main challenge is to anticipate how subscribers will use and experience 4G and how operators are going to maximise the monetization opportunities that 4G presents. How a service is priced can often have a significant impact on subscriber usage and the operators’ability to maximise revenue opportunities. Do read on the rest of this white below;

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