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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Liquid Radio: Reconstructing radio access in a new way

The popularity of tablets, smartphones and mobile broadband connections has contributed to an explosion in data volumes in mobile networks. Customers can enjoy high data speeds on the move and value the wide-area availability of quality broadband connectivity. The pace of traffic growth will continue to rise, driven by ever higher penetration of smartphones, new applications, laptop connectivity and machine-to-machine communication (M2M).
New design criteria are needed to develop radio networks that can match these broadband speeds and rising data volumes. Network design must be flexible enough to scale to meet the demand of up to 1 GByte per user per day and data rates beyond 1 Gbps. The answer to this challenge is Liquid Radio. Liquid Radio breaks up traditional network architecture and provides a far more flexible way to build radio access networks.

It allows macro cells to be complemented with a layer of small cells bringing added capacity directly to end users. Available frequency spectrum or existing infrastructure can be used or re-used, together or separately. The concept of a traditional “base station” disappears. Instead the radio can be hidden behind active macro antennas on rooftops or tucked into a small space in any building.

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